G&O flying with Firebird

G&O flying with Firebird

The dominant image on G&O Springs’ web home page (www.g-o-springs.com) is the Airbus A380. Dubbed “The SuperJumbo” – the aircraft can carry over 850 passengers in economy mode 8200 nautical miles, or New York to Hong Kong in more practical terms. Coupled with the company’s slogan “When accuracy is everything” the imagery encapsulates G&O’s pre-eminence in the aerospace sector, a fact confirmed by Managing Director Steve Boyd:-

“I originally came to work here as a summer job and kind of stayed;” says Steve “I’ve now been here fifteen years and carrying on G&O’s worldwide reputation for the design and manufacture of precision springs for aerospace and other safety critical applications”.

Clients include some established names in the aerospace sector – Goodrich, GE Aviation, Ultra Electronics and Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems amongst them – producing a turnover of some £1.5m.

The company holds AS9100:Quality Systems Certificates together with the much coveted NADCAP accreditation for heat treatment, and Steve says it’s G&O Springs’ commitment to the market that keeps customers coming back to them:-

We’re firmly focussed on our specialist market sectors. We have to be or we wouldn’t be as competitive or as successful” he says…

G&O value Firebird as a key supplier, Steve commenting “It’s someone we definitely want to keep on board.  We’ve been let down by other suppliers in the past but since Neil at Firebird knocked on our door some four years ago we’ve not had a problem.  Through Firebird’s association with Gibbs Wire & Steel in the United States we get access to hard-to-find material at a competitive price, like a ready supply of special steels such as 17/7PH and Beta-C Titanium – as well as superb service!”

G&O make compression, extension, conical and torsion springs in, usually, relatively small quantities (one or five off quantities are not unusual) and are currently supplying handmade springs for the EADS swarm of satellites where reliability is absolutely key.

“They’re in space, so they’ve got to be right,” Steve asserts, adding without a hint of boastfulness, There aren’t many companies in the world can do what we do; everybody claims they can do what we do but the truth is they can’t…”

G&O lists exceptional performance metrics on its website in terms of delivery, manufacturing excellence, reliability and more – all customer-validated and another good reason why Firebird is a trusted supplier:-

“If you can’t find what you want from Firebird then chances are you won’t find it anywhere, but the big plus for us is their impressive response rate; one point of contact, instant quotes (very unusual!) , a willingness to help and exactly the right attitude.  You get the feeling Firebird are really doing everything they can to help us win and retain our clients. Great!”

A rhetorical question on G&O’s site asks: “Does your current supplier make the grade when it comes to Quality, Cost and Delivery?”

In Firebirds’ case, it appears they most certainly do…..