Gibbs Wire ‘big Firebird fans’

From one small operation in Connecticut back in 1956, Gibbs Wire and Steel has kept pace with continually-changing market conditions – meeting the needs of the growing metalworking community for more than 50 years.

As the company says: –

“A lot of hard work, a little luck and a well-conceived idea of what the word ‘service’ really means have led us to become the primary source for spring stock in North America and now, through Firebird Metals, in the UK”

Gibbs is a byword for quality, and probably best described as the “crème de la crème” so it is with confidence and pride that we can offer our customers all Gibbs’ product ranges, including wire – which has been a major part of our offering for many years –  and precision strip products.

Their secret is in the sourcing – buying the best raw materials then processing which goes far beyond industry standards. Indeed, Gibbs actually design and build much of their own production equipment in-house to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the toughest jobs.

This, coupled with innovative supply solutions including precision slitting (even down to a remarkably thin .0005”), super precision edge dressing, spooling in a wide range of material options and with all the documentation and accreditations you would expect from a world class player means you can count on Gibbs – and Firebird – to answer your most challenging requirements.

Gibbs Wire and Steel